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Check-ups / Examinations

Regular six monthly check-ups and topical fluoride application are the key to prevention. Regular removal of plaque and calculus will also ensure minimal intervention dentistry. If you have not had your teeth checked in a while, it is never too late to start!

Crowns / Veneers

We take great pride in restoring smiles back to patients. Crowns are placed not only to improve aesthetics but help in restoring function to teeth as well. Veneers are also placed on front teeth to improve attractiveness. At Caulfield Family Dentist we:

  • place crowns on natural teeth
  • place Inlay/Onlays  (abbreviated crowns) which enable conservation of tooth structure
  • place crowns and abutments for implants
  • ensure the shade and finish of the veneers are as realistic as possible 

Dental Implants

Implants are a quantum leap in Dentistry. They take replacement of missing teeth to a new level of comfort and aesthetics. The implant is a "screw like device" placed in the bone. A harmonic crown is then attached to that structure and the patient feels like their own tooth has been replaced. They are able to  smile, chew  and eat normally.

Dental Implants are also an invaluable asset to stabilize a denture Patients no longer require clasps for partial dentures and full dentures stay in with no discomfort.
Whilst we are involved in treatment planning and restoring dental implants, our patients are referred to either a highly skilled periodontist or oral surgeon for the placement of dental implants. 

Mouth Guards

Often teeth are subject to trauma in sports injuries and this can result in substantial financial and emotional cost. Well-fitting mouth guards are extremely important in preventing sports injuries. 

Occlusal Splints (Night Guards)

Patients with worn down teeth often grind their teeth at night unknowingly. We recommend occlusal splints to such patients in a bid to conserve remaining tooth structure, reduce strain on the jaws and sleep in comfort.


It is never too late to have orthodontics. All orthodontics is referred to specialist orthodontists and co-managed for restorative purposes.


Children need to feel at ease at the dentist. Some children require a little bit extra tender loving care, and we are prepared to devote this time to develop their trust. We see children of all ages and perform examinations, cleaning and fluoride for prevention. We also perform restorations and dental radiographs when necessary.

Root Canal Treatment

We perform high quality root canal treatment. We remove infected pulp tissue from the tooth and restore the tooth with filling material. Some patients are referred to specialist endodontists for more specialised care.

Scaling and Cleaning

Scaling of teeth is recommended every six months to remove plaque and tartar build-up. Having your teeth professionally cleaned by our experienced dentists significantly reduces your chance of getting gum disease.

Tooth Removal (Extractions)

We only remove teeth in the mornings. We want to be able to follow up the patient later in the day and ensure their well being. In some cases, patients will be referred to a gentle and caring as well as highly trained oral surgeon

Tooth Whitening / Bleaching

Bleaching has become ever popular as people are more conscious of having an attractive smile. Not everyone is suitable for whitening and a conservative approach which yields long lasting results is our objective.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth pain is often a common presenting complaint. Upon examination if extractions are necessary, we refer our patients to highly skilled and gentle oral surgeons.